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Issue 20, September 2017

Dear Reader,

As we look forward to the festive season with Christmas less than 100 days away, we want to make sure that people are also looking after their hearing. Whether it’s a gig or a party, modern ear defenders allow you to enjoy music whilst preserving your hearing. And if you are concerned about missing out on conversations when family and friends come round, don’t forget we can provide top of the range discreet hearing solutions for you, and previous customers can enjoy generous loyalty discounts on new hearing aids. Contact us to ask for your discount certificate.

Information about our treatments are available on our website or, you can request an initial hearing assessment online, or call 0203 597 4988.

Best wishes

Josephine Swinhoe
Managing Director

P.S. Do you have any military service and have hearing loss or tinnitus? The Royal British Legion could fund your treatment. Find out more here or contact us for more information.

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"One evening I noticed a noise in my head"

Hearing treatments for Veterans

Levo® System wins gold in prestigious medical awards

Protecting your hearing during concerts

"One evening I noticed a noise in my head"

I contracted tuberculosis in 2009 and, relatively soon after that, one evening I noticed that there was a noise in my head. I had been unconscious of the noise for quite a while, but I had suddenly become very aware of it as it progressively got worse, but it was spasmodic at that point.

Stress and family illness made my tinnitus worse; it was 4 years of absolute hell.

Read Barbara's Story

Read Barbara's story

Hearing treatments for veterans

Did you know that working-age veterans are 3.5 times more likely to suffer from hearing loss than the general population?

While many veterans can use devices and treatments which are available from the National Health Service, for others a more specialist expert approach is needed.

You may be eligible to claim funding from The Royal British Legion's Veterans Hearing Fund (VHF) even if you have already received compensation for tinnitus or hearing loss from the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme Award or, are receiving a War Pension.

Find out more

Download the VHF leaflet

Levo® System wins gold in prestigious medical awards

As the only clinic in the UK to offer the Levo® Therapy System for Tinnitus, we are thrilled to announce it has won gold at the 2017 Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA).

Find out how you could reduce your tinnitus symptoms while you sleep.

Read the full story

Learn more about Levo®

Protecting your hearing at concerts

According to Mark Williams, our Chief Audiologist, “The noise levels at a live gig or concert can easily exceed 85 decibels. Prolonged exposure to this level of noise can lead to noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus.”

The Tinnitus Clinic is offering you an exclusive £25 off Siemens ear defence products. Each set of plugs are moulded to the wearer's ears to ensure a perfect and comfortable fit. They adequately protect your hearing and still allow you to enjoy your favourite music.

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