Trial Update

  August 14, 2015

Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation is a treatment for chronic tonal tinnitus. In 2012, The Tinnitus Clinic Ltd funded a 100 participant Randomised Controlled Double Blind Trial to establish the efficacy of this treatment under independent controlled conditions.

The trial was undertaken at Nottingham Hearing Biomedical Research Unit and the Ear Institute at University College London and was sponsored by Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.

The first results of the trial were expected in September 2013. Review of the trial has, however, concluded that there have been deviations from the trial protocol and that the results cannot be regarded as scientifically robust. It is therefore with regret that all the parties have concluded that the results of the trial cannot be published with confidence.

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and The Tinnitus Clinic are discussing a new trial on Acoustic CR Neuromodulation which they hope will commence in the near future. NBRUH, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and The Tinnitus Clinic are very grateful for the time and effort of the participants of the original trial.

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