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Tinnitus Treatment

Living with tinnitus – the constant sound of ringing in your ears – can be both stressful and exhausting. While there’s no proven cure for tinnitus, there are a number of treatments that have been shown to significantly reduce the symptoms, as you will see in our patient case studies.

The Tinnitus Clinic is an independent audiological practice, specialising in using evidence-based therapies for tinnitus treatment and management. From our five UK Clinic locations, we regularly assess and treat people with tinnitus from across the United Kingdom and around the world.

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Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation

The Tinnitus Clinic is the sole UK provider of the pioneering treatment, Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation, which targets your specific tinnitus sound using the ANM Neurostimulator device.

Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation has been shown to significantly reduce tinnitus symptoms in 7 out of 10 cases during extensive testing, a clinical trial, and patient case studies.

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Digital Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

Digital hearing aids for treating tinnitus
We are uniquely placed to help you reduce the salience of your tinnitus noise and provide you with better control over your tinnitus awareness.

Our audiologists are highly skilled in measuring the exact acoustic parameters of your tinnitus in order to create an individualised hearing aid prescription that's right for your tinnitus and hearing loss.

We provide you with a choice of the best digital hearings aids from a range of manufacturers, that will suit your acoustic prescription, budget and personal comfort.

Tinnitus Desensitisation Therapy (TDT) Packages

Undergoing treatment with tinnitus desensitisation therapy
Tinnitus Desensitisation Therapy is a habituation based tinnitus treatment developed by The Tinnitus Clinic for the treatment of all forms of subjective tinnitus. This therapy has achieved significantly successful clinical results. The therapy is designed to provide you with control over your tinnitus awareness and over time enable you to fully habituate to your tinnitus perception so that the noise becomes non-invasive.

Hyperacusis therapy

Hyperacusis is a hearing disorder that causes everyday noise like traffic or conversation to be perceived as being disproportionately loud and sometimes causing discomfort or even pain.

The Tinnitus Clinic has successfully worked with many patients, providing a comprehensive and effective Hyperacusis reduction therapy that delivers a progressive and sustainable reduction in Hyperacusis symptoms over time.

Sophisticated sound generator systems are employed, along with supporting therapies, in order to provide control over auditory awareness and to desensitise the overactive auditory system.

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The Tinnitus Clinic, London

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The Tinnitus Clinic

121 Harley Street,
London, W1G 6AX

Other clinics in Birmingham, Cheltenham, Edinburgh,and Manchester.

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Your first appointment will include:

Relevant medical history Existing medical conditions
Tinnitus Severity Questionnaire Level of severity
Tinnitus Impact Questionnaire Physical, emotional and social consequences of tinnitus
Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) Loudness and annoyance
Otoscopy Health of outer ear and ear drum
Tympanometry Health of middle ear
Puretone audiometry Hearing threshold via air and bone conduction
Uncomfortable Loudness Levels (ULL) Sound tolerance thresholds
Tinnitus Pitch Matching Suitability for Acoustic Neuromodulation
Tinnitus maskability Tinnitus Intensity
Test results Compilation of test results
Explanation of tinnitus causes Enables you to understand your condition
Treatment discussion Formulation of your treatment programme
Audiological Report Documentation supplied to your GP or Physician

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