Treatment devices and therapies for tinnitus relief from our clinic

Tinnitus Treatment

We only select the treatments and devices that show the strongest scientific evidence and highest chance of a successful outcome.

Tinnitus Desensitisation Therapy™

Tinnitus Desensitisation Therapy™ (TDT) is a tailored sound therapy option that has been designed by The Tinnitus Clinic Ltd. in order to reduce the distress and awareness of both subjective and objective tinnitus. This therapy has achieved significant clinical success for our patients.

Treatment packages from £1,675

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Tinnitus Lenire® Therapy

Tinnitus Lenire® Therapy is a new bimodal neuromodulation therapy for subjective tinnitus that has been shown to be effective in reducing symptoms and tinntius related distress.

Treatment packages £3,595

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Hearing Loss

The Tinnitus Clinic is also able to offer advanced hearing aid solutions for all types of hearing loss requirements. All our systems are discreet, bespoke and personalised to suit each patient’s lifestyle requirements. Trial periods and extended warranties are offer, as standard, with all systems.

Treatment packages from £2,120

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Hyperacusis Desensitisation Therapy

The Tinnitus Clinic has an excellent track record with our unique Hyperacusis reduction therapy that delivers a progressive and sustainable reduction in Hyperacusis symptoms over time via the use of tailored sound.

Treatment packages from £2,495

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Tinnitus Cognitive Therapy

This is a talk-based therapy that is provided by a suitably qualifies therapist. Techniques provided can include cognitive restructuring of thoughts along with situational examples with the goal to change the way in which patients think and feel about their tinnitus symptom.

Treatment programme – please contact for details

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Tinnitus relief starts here...

Tinnitus Treatment

Your tinnitus is personal to you and we offer a range of devices and therapy programmes which aim to significantly reduce your particular symptoms.


We aim to help you break free from the constant noise, so that you can sleep better, increase energy, improve concentration and reduce anxiety.

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