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Tinnitus Patient Experience Videos

Listen to Jane Mellor and Peter Humphries talk about how their tinnitus symptoms improved.

Professor Jane Mellor

Prof Jane Mellor explains how Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation worked for her

Peter Humphries

Peter Humphries lived with tinnitus for 20 years before being treated

Causes, Assessment and Treatment Videos

Learn more about the Causes of Tinnitus, The Tinnitus Clinic and the Initial Assessment.

Causes of Tinnitus

Learn about what causes tinnitus and the Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation treatment

Introduction to the Clinic

Learn more about The Tinnitus Clinic and the treatments available

Appointments at Bristol

Kathryn describes what happens at your first appointment at the Bristol Clinic.

Matthew Clark on tinnitus treatment

Cheltenham's ENT Consultant discusses tinnitus and how The Tinnitus Clinic treats the condition.

Patient and Expert Radio Interviews

Listen to some of our patients and clinic experts being interviewed.

Harris Tatakis on BBC Radio Devon

Hear how A former British Royal Marine is campaigning to raise awareness of the 'unseen' injuries

Can loud music cause tinnitus?

Listen to our Chief Audiologist interviewed on BBC Radio Newsday

Olive Brady On BBC Radio

The Manchester clinic treated Olive, hear how her quality of life has improved

Josephine Swinhoe on BBC Radio

Listen to The Tinnitus Clinic's MD talking about tinnitus on BBC Radio Somerset

Mark Williams On BBC Radio

Listen to our Chief Audiologist interviewed on BBC Radio Gloucester

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Tinnitus Patient Stories

Our patients describe how they overcame their tinnitus following our treatments.

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Our Clinics

The Tinnitus Clinic has clinics throughout the UK

Director's Blog

An important part of my mission at The Tinnitus Clinic is to share our knowledge of tinnitus;  its causes, how to prevent it and what to do if you are suffering from the condition. This blog will go some way in achieving this aim.

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