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Welcome to the Tune In Newsletter archives. Here you will find the past editions of The Tinnitus Clinic’s quarterly e-newsletter. You can sign up and have future issues of Tune In emailed to you.

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Issue 24   |     December 2019

  • A winter offer
  • A ‘culture of high-quality sustainable care
  • Hearing specialist Shamim Patel joins our Harley Street team
  • Smarter hearing solutions
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Issue 23   |     November 2018

  • A warming winter offer
  • Movies are moving with the times
  • Continued growth for The Tinnitus Clinic
  • Proud to support our veterans
  • Successful trial for 'pioneering' tinnitus treatment
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Issue 22   |     May 2018

  • ‘Revolving door’ tinnitus care service
  • "You don’t have to live with it"
  • Levo Therapy treats firecracker induced tinnitus
  • New tinnitus clinic opens in Salisbury
  • Belfast, Dublin and Malta now offer The Tinnitus Clinic treatments
  • ENT Consultant appointments
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Issue 21   |     February 2018

  • Out of all my injuries, tinnitus is the one that’s affected me most.”
  • New Research Gives Hope To UK's 6 Million Tinnitus Sufferers
  • Tinnitus Week 2018
  • Birmingham DJ Richard Gillis gets peace of mind from The Tinnitus Clinic
  • The Tinnitus Clinic Recognised For 'Outstanding Achievement'
  • If we can stop these signals, we can stop tinnitus.”
  • Blue Light Discount
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Issue 20   |     September 2017

  • "One evening I noticed a noise in my head"
  • Hearing treatments for Veterans
  • Levo® System wins gold in prestigious medical awards
  • Protecting your hearing during concerts
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Issue 19   |     February 2017

  • It sounded like a buzzing mosquito near my ears
  • 15% off advanced hearing aids
  • John’s basic NHS hearing aids caused him serious discomfort
  • Survey results highlight the need to raise awareness of tinnitus
  • Josephine Swinhoe Talks to ENT Specialist Dr Gabriel Hendow
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