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Available at The Tinnitus Clinic in Birmingham, Leicester and Newcastle

Specialist microsuction procedure

Earwax, also known by the medical term ‘cerumen’, is a yellowish waxy substance secreted in the ear canal. It protects the skin of the ear canal, assists in cleaning and lubrication, and also provides some protection from bacteria, fungi, insects and water.

Earwax doesn’t usually cause problems, but if too much earwax is produced it can lead to a blocked and painful ear, hearing loss and, in some cases, tinnitus. Earwax can also affect the operation of hearing aids, causing them to whistle, produce feedback noises and reduce the quality of sound.

Using a finely calibrated suction device, we are able to safely remove excess wax without the introduction of any materials or liquids. A typical appointment to remove wax from both ears should take no longer than 30 minutes.

Gary said:

“The wax removal was painless and successful, I can now hear from both ears again!”

diagram of ear with earwax highlighted

Conducted by a qualified audiologist

audiologist removing earwax using micro suction

With the use of video otoscopy, we will demonstrate the blockage to you prior to your appointment and post procedure to give you peace of mind that your ears are clear from wax.

All our microsuction earwax removal procedures are conducted by a qualified Audiologist, registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists.

Where can I get microsuction earwax removal?

Microsuction earwax removal is currently available from our Birmingham, Leicester and Newcastle clinics.

How much does microsuction cost?

Microsuction earwax removal treatment costs £50 for one ear or £80 for both ears.

How long does the appointment take?

A Microsuction treatment lasts 30 minutes.

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