Warrington clinic launches ‘life changing’ tinnitus treatments

Revolutionary tinnitus treatment launches at West Midlands clinic

  May 9th, 2019

Tinnitus sufferers in the West Midlands will have access to pioneering treatment for the first time following the launch of a new partnership.

Sutton Hearing Centre is now offering the revolutionary Tinnitus Desensitisation Therapy™ (TDT) treatment from The Tinnitus Clinic.

It means the independent, family-run hearing clinic, on South Parade in Sutton Coldfield, is the only site in the West Midlands licensed by The Tinnitus Clinic to provide its unique evidence-based TDT treatment.

Figures show 443,000 people across the West Midlands suffer with tinnitus – the sensation of hearing a ringing, whizzing, roaring, buzzing, hissing or other type of continuous sound which has no external source.

TDT is a therapeutic pathway designed for patients who suffer with invasive tinnitus. It provides a bespoke range of therapies selected to meet an individual’s tinnitus acoustic profile and experience of tinnitus.

Therapeutic techniques are used to control tinnitus awareness to encourage the brain to filter out tinnitus perception from consciousness.

TDT is shown to reduce symptoms of loudness and annoyance in 80 per cent of patients.

Josephine Swinhoe, director of The Tinnitus Clinic, which offers treatment from 11 other sites across the UK, said:

“We’re extremely proud to have formed this new partnership with the Sutton Hearing Centre, which will offer new hope to hundreds of thousands of tinnitus sufferers in the area.
"The Tinnitus Clinic is the leading provider of the latest evidence-based tinnitus treatments in the UK and we’re committed to offering audiological best practices which can transform the lives of people living with tinnitus by significantly reducing tinnitus symptoms and hearing loss."
"TDT is a truly revolutionary treatment. It considers an individual’s tinnitus acoustic profile and uses therapeutic techniques to control tinnitus awareness with the long-term goal of encouraging the brain to filter out the tinnitus perception."
"Ultimately, this treatment helps patients to take control of the impact tinnitus is having on their lives and cope with the day-to-day emotional impact of symptoms."

Shahim Patel
Steven Syner
Steven Syner, who is the third generation of the Syner family to work at the business, which was started in the 1950s, said:

“We’re very proud of our longstanding, reputable hearing business which has been helping people for over half a century."
"Our longevity is based on our ability to continuously offer the most pioneering hearing products and treatments – and TDT for tinnitus is the latest step on our journey."

For further information on The Tinnitus Clinic, please call on 0800 030 6617, visit www.thetinnitusclinic.co.uk or e-mail info@thetinnitusclinic.co.uk.

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