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Healthcare Professionals Testimonials

"Our understanding of subjective tinnitus has come a long way over the past 10 years. Scientific evidence has shown that a change in brain function, usually in response to cochlear damage, produces the symptom of tinnitus.

Research has focused on ways of restoring normal brain activity and significantly improve tinnitus. New treatments, like Acoustic Neuromodulation (CR), have taken advantage of the tonotopic arrangement of the auditory pathway and utilised sound to stimulate these specific dysfunctional areas with good patient benefit.

The Tinnitus Clinic has a group of dedicated audiological scientists who have applied this research into their clinical practice. I have referred many patients who have been highly impressed not only by the scientific approach offered but also by a significant improvement in their tinnitus.

Not all my patients were suitable for Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation, however they were offered other effective treatments including hearing instruments, customised sound therapy and hearing protection.

A holistic approach is adopted including validated tools to measure the impact on quality of life. Where there is a highly significant level of anxiety, patients were appropriately referred for cognitive behavioural therapy to complement their treatment."

Nitesh Patel


Consultant ENT Surgeon
Barts Health NHS Trust
Whipps Cross University Hospital
Newham University Hospital

“I am an ENT surgeon with a special interest in Otology. As such I manage many patients with tinnitus. I have started to use The Tinnitus Clinic for my private patients that require more help and a bespoke approach for their symptoms.

I have been very impressed with the way that the clinic addresses each patient’s individual needs. Whilst they offer the novel treatment of Acoustic CR Neuromodulation (which I am very hopeful will be a breakthrough in treating these patients), I am pleased that the clinic does not channel all patients down this path. They seem to genuinely find the best treatment for the patient and offer the full complement of options.

I am equally impressed that as a company, The Tinnitus Clinic is heavily involved in research, helping to generate high quality, Level 1 evidence for their treatments. This is exactly the approach I welcome as a clinician struggling to find the best ways to manage what can be a tricky group of patients.”

Mr Matthew Clark


Consultant ENT Surgeon
Gloucestershire Royal Hospital
Nuffield Health Cheltenham Hospital

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