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Lilian Allbright
Lilian was fitted with a set of high quality Starkey devices with a smart remote system that automatically worked to enhance output from the TV/Phone whist whilst working as a discreet and effective external microphone.

Lilian Allbright

Starkey devices makes conversations clear

Lilian attended the clinic after the service was recommended by her daughter whose hyperacusis we had successfully treated 6 months prior.  Lilian had used a variety of hearing aid systems for the last 15 years and had started noticing that her hearing was deteriorating whilst in her early 60's.  She did not report any relevant medical history and did not have any history of noise exposure.

Understanding conversations an increasing problem

For the last six years she had been using a set of privately purchased behind the ear hearing aids. The devices were reprogrammed on a number of occasions in order to compensate for the progression of her hearing loss. She was, however, reporting that her ability to hear was gradually deteriorating and that she could now not understand most speech over the phone or from the television.  Her ability to attend social gatherings was now severely limited due to her feeling acutely embarrassed by her inability to keep up with a conversation.

Audiogram revealed moderate to severe hearing loss

Lilian's audiogram revealed a bilateral moderate to severe age related hearing loss with no other features. She reported that she was struggling to hear the television, everyday speech and telephone conversations and she was very dissatisfied with her current hearing aids.

Speech now clear on the TV or phone

Lilian was fitted with sophisticated Starkey hearing devices that made it so much clearer to hear and understand speech whether on the TV, telephone or in social situations.

Lillian returned for additional follow up appointments to refine the prescription and maximise speech clarity and sound comfort. Four months later, she reported that her hearing has vastly improved.

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