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Josephine Swinhoe, Tinnitus Clinic Managing Director, talks to ENT Specialist Dr Gabriel Hendow

  January 17, 2017

I’m continuing my look at people who are involved in tinnitus with this special blog about Dr Gabriel Hendow, a GP with a special interest (GPSI) in Ear, Nose and Throat. Dr Hendow has been very supportive of our work to make people aware of tinnitus.

I asked Dr Hendow to describe his job and background to me:

“I have worked at Bransholme Health Centre in Hull as a single-handed GP for 25 years, a practice which cares for 2,500 patients and has a five-star rating by NHS Choices.”

“Before that I was a General Surgeon then an Orthopaedic Surgeon before embarking into the career in General Practice, a decision I have never regretted making.”

“In 2014 I became the first doctor in the UK to offer patients a Food Clinic at the surgery to tackle obesity, an initiative that won the ‘Health Improvement Award’ at the Health and Care 2016 Awards in Hull.”

“I am also the only single-handed GP in the country to receive an ‘Overall Outstanding’ rating from the Care Quality Commission.”

Dr Gabriel Hendrow

“I first became interested in tinnitus as a condition while studying for my postgraduate diploma degree in ENT which I obtained from Middlesex University in 2003. One of the case studies I wrote was on tinnitus and I remember thinking how little I knew about it when I first started researching it.”

“I read a lot about the condition, realised a lot of people were affected by it and wanted to find out more about the different ways the health industry could help to treat it.”

“With part of my medical career focused on ENT, I continued to learn more and attended my first event organised by The Tinnitus Clinic. It was fascinating to hear from the speakers and so refreshing to hear about their experiences and what they thought the future held for management and treatment of the condition.”

“I came back having learned a few things I knew would help me when I dealt with patients who thought they might have tinnitus and I knew I could be a lot more positive in my approach as their GP.”

Dr Hendow has contributed to The Tinnitus Clinic’s First Appointment Guide for GPs. Written by our expert staff and clinicians, the GP Guide has also been welcomed by the NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) as a ‘valuable resource’ in treating a ‘distressing condition’.

Dr Hendow went on to say:

“I have over the years learned more about tinnitus and have enhanced that understanding by going to seminars held by The Tinnitus Clinic. But I am aware that many of my colleagues in general practice may not have benefited from such events and experience.”

“The GP Guide from The Tinnitus Clinic is very informative and accessible, and is a good step-by-step booklet for healthcare professionals to have access to.”

“I’m glad I was able to share my knowledge and contribute to the guide – it’s something that impressed the CQC during their visit – and I hope other doctors choose to use what I have found to be a simple, comprehensive and GP-friendly handbook.”

Away from his busy job, Dr Hendow is an avid cook who also enjoys travel, photography and going to the theatre, especially musicals.

Click here to download the Tinnitus First Appointment Guide for GPs.

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