Lenire trial results

Lenire trial results

  July 11, 2022

The results of the second randomised controlled trial (RCT) examining the efficacy of the Lenire tinnitus therapy system have now been published in the respected journal "Nature - Scientific Reports".

TENT-A2 clinical trial

Demonstrating greater relief from tinnitus

TENT-A2 shows that optimizing treatment plans can result in greater reduction in tinnitus symptoms, which can be sustained for 12 months after treatment.

TENT-A2 participants
TENT-A2 timeline

95% of treatment compliant participants demonstrated an improvement in tinnitus symptom severity when evaluated after 12 weeks of treatment*.


91% of treatment compliant participants experienced continued improvement in tinnitus symptom severity when evaluated at 12-months post-treatment.


87.8% of participants when asked at their final visit, said they would recommend the Lenire? treatment to others with tinnitus.

Conlon et al. Different bimodal neuromodulation settings reduce tinnitus symptoms in a large randomized trial, Sci Rep, https://doi.org/10/10/38/s41598-022-13875-x(2022)

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