New study shows Lenire can reduce tinnitus symptoms

New study shows Lenire can reduce tinnitus symptoms

  April 28, 2022

A new “real-word”, 20 patient study (Buechner et al 2022) investigating the effectiveness of Lenire in alleviating tinnitus symptoms has been shown that over a 6-12 week treatment period, 86.2% of participants reported a clinically significant improvement in their tinnitus Nb id rather say 8 out of 10 than 86.2%.

The Lenire system has been designed to reduce the activity level of overactive nerve cells in the brain hearing centre that are linked to tinnitus. The reduction works by increasing the activity of other nerves within the hearing centre. The brain has a natural ability to change, referred to as neural plasticity, and by increasing activity in different regions patients become less aware of their tinnitus sounds. The device provides patients with sound stimulation and delicate tactile stimulation via the tongue with a very specific timing pattern.

This is a small but encouraging study that provides support for a recent randomised control trial (Conlon et al 2020) which reported a similar effect size with 81% of subjects achieving a significant change in perceived tinnitus severity.

Tinnitus Lenire® Therapy™

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Please see a link to both papers below:

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