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New Starkey Livio products for tinnitus therapy

  March 10, 2022

Starkey Hearing Technologies have just launched a new product range that is specifically designed to be used by audiologists in order to improve hearing whilst having the capability to provide bespoke tinnitus sound therapy.

The Livio Edge AI system combines a highly sophisticated amplification / sound therapy system with built in artificial intelligence to enable improved speech discrimination in complex listening situations. The systems can also be used to directly stream calls or media if required from android and Apple devices.

The devices also have the capability to be controlled and programmed remotely by audiologists thus limiting a patient’s need to attend clinic for fine tuning.

The Tinnitus Clinic Ltd. will be using this innovative system to provide tinnitus or hyperacusis desensitisation therapy and, if required, to concurrently aid patients who present with complex hearing loss.

Here at The Tinnitus Clinic we’ve helped hundreds of tinnitus sufferers. If you’d like to arrange an assessment please contact us.

starkey livio ai hearing aid

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