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Tinnitus Clinic brings its expertise to people with hearing loss

  April 3, 2017

Over the years that The Tinnitus Clinic has been in operation, our expertise in tinnitus and hyperacusis has brought relief to hundreds of patients across the country.

Leisure activities

Many of our patients who have finished treatment with us, have turned their attention to enjoyable recreational activities and started to enjoy much missed peace and quiet; they have booked holidays; picked up on hobbies and found a zest for life that was missing when their tinnitus was overwhelming them.

Recently, several patients have asked us to help their family members who have hearing loss but no tinnitus. Their quality of life was also being reduced and what was needed was a positive, life affirming solution to the difficulty of hearing in the increasingly noisy places which many of us want to go to.

Research done last year by two researchers in UK, Mackenzie and Elliott, has shown that 2 out of 3 people that could benefit from hearing aids do not access them, and of those who do, up to 40% don’t wear them. And why not?

Further research shows that the stigma associated with hearing loss is one of the leading barriers which stop people seeking help.

So we are turning our expert attention to a new hearing loss service. We will aim to educate our customers about the consequences of not using hearing instruments when they are needed; we will look for the very best in modern technology and we will treat hearing loss patients with the same high standards of customer care and commitment which we have always employed.

We look forward to welcoming new customers into to our award winning clinic.

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