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Trevor Andrews of Sivantos Hearing UK talks about tinnitus

  December 30, 2016

During the years, I’ve been building up The Tinnitus Clinic, I have come across some very passionate people working in audiology and hearing loss.

One of these is Trevor Andrews, who is Managing Director of Sivantos Hearing UK.

The world of hearing instruments has developed a long way since the first hearing trumpet was described in 1634! Sivantos Hearing UK is one of those companies which really tries to make a difference to the lives of their patients using the latest technological possibilities for both hearing loss and tinnitus. They have been developing hearing instruments for over 130 years, and The Tinnitus Clinic uses their most technologically advanced instruments within our Tinnitus Desensitisation Therapy.

Trevor Andrews head shot

Trevor described his job to me.

“My job is Managing Director of Sivantos Hearing UK. We make and sell hearing instruments. My job is a combination of several elements, ranging from communication on what we should be aiming to achieve, and leadership around how we deliver our goals.”

Trevor then went on to say,

“What I enjoy most about my role, is working with a great team, and helping provide wonderful hearing instruments that help bring our clients back to a world full of sound. It’s really rewarding when we hear people say ‘wow – I have not heard as well for years’.”

When your hearing is good, it’s difficult to understand what it might be like to hear poorly, and how much a personal quality of life depends on good hearing. But what would Trevor hope the future will be like for people with hearing loss and tinnitus?

“I hope that society recognises that a gradual loss of hearing is a function of aging, and tinnitus nearly always follows hearing loss so tinnitus is a growing problem for society.” Trevor replied, “The sooner a person with hearing loss or tinnitus learns that there is a solution that can help them, and the sooner they take action, then the sooner they will gain really great benefits.”

Away from his busy job running Sivantos Hearing UK, Trevor is a keen sports fan and hockey player, and even considered becoming a school sports teacher at one stage.

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