Waxing lyrical about an important ear health subject

Waxing lyrical about an important ear health subject

  November, 15th 2018

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I’ll put my hands up here and acknowledge straight away - the subject of my latest blog may not be the most appealing!

That’s because I am writing about ... ear wax removal.

But crucially, and as with so many health issues, prevention can often be better than cure when it comes to ear wax build-up.

Because when too much wax is produced it can lead to blocking in the ear canal which can in turn result in tinnitus, pain and hearing loss as well as affecting hearing aids, causing them to whistle, produce feedback noises and reduce the quality of sound.ear diagram

And while ear wax might not be something we think about very often - or indeed want to! - healthy ear wax levels are actually good for our health.

Known by the medical term ‘cerumen’, wax is a natural secretion that we need. It protects the skin and cleans it, keeping it lubricated. It also provides some protection from bacteria, too, which can help to prevent infection.

If it doesn’t cause ears any problems, it should be left alone. Most earwax usually falls out on its own over two weeks, mainly at night when we are laid down.

But some people naturally have more wax, as the make-up varies in individuals depending on factors like age, diet and environment.

When there is too much earwax removal may be necessary. If the ear becomes blocked, symptoms can include earache, hearing difficulties, headaches, dizziness and itchiness.

It’s important to ALWAYS avoid using fingers or cotton buds though - this can be dangerous as it can damage the ear canal and also simply pushes the wax further in the ear, making it become more blocked.

At The Tinnitus Clinic we offer a specialist safe, comfortable and pain-free earwax removal procedure . Conducted by a qualified audiologist, the benefits of our microsuction treatment include there being no need for eardrops beforehand, and less risk of infection because it’s a dry procedure and no water is flushed in to the ear canal.

But don’t just take my word for it - over to one of our patients Gary who has had the treatment: “The wax removal was painless and successful. I can now hear from both ears again!”

To find out more about which of our clinics offer earwax removal treatment click here.


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