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It could be some reassurance that you need, it could be some verification that you require, it could be some friendly advice you need just to help ease your symptoms. Book your econsult with Shamim Patel today.

Has the tinnitus just begun, or have you had it for a few weeks, months or years? Is it one noise or a couple of different noises playing at the same time?, Is there increased sensitivity to noise that you are concerned with? Is it distracting you from focusing in the day or falling to sleep? Have you begun to notice an increased level of anxiety as a result?, Should I treat my hearing loss?, Will my hearing get worse over time?, what is the best treatment for my hearing loss? Is my hearing loss causing my tinnitus or vice versa?. Have you been told that you have to learn to manage it on your own... because you don’t have to... we can advise you on your symptoms and on what to do next!

There may be no cure, but there is treatment!

Meet the specialist

Shamim Patel is the Senior Audiologist and Practice Manager at The Tinnitus Clinic in London. Her area of expertise is managing and treating tinnitus and sound sensitivity disorders using various treatments including customised sound therapy treatment and innovative neuromodulation techniques designed to treat subjective and primary tinnitus.

Shamim obtained a BSc Honours degree in Audiology from the University College London in 2009. Working in the NHS in the initial years allowed her to gain necessary skills with performing in depth audiological and diagnostic assessments of hearing and balance function, hearing aid fittings, rehabilitation and hearing therapy.

tinnitus treatment at home Shamim Patel is the Senior Audiologist and Practice Manager at The Tinnitus Clinic

Compassionate Healthcare

Remote tinnitus and hearing consultations with Shamim aims to provide ethical and honest advice from the online consultation to treatment. High quality care and customised service offered to each individual patient as we know there is no such thing as one-size-fits- all cure, so we never use a one- size- fits- all approach to your diagnosis, assessment or treatment advice.

We would take you through a structured appointment providing the information we would normally give you in person. It would begin by taking a detailed history of your symptoms, discuss the potential reason for experiencing the symptoms and how to now manage your symptoms. This can involve providing you advice and techniques as to how to manage it yourself, or if you want to consider our treatments we would advise you to come in for a further assessment followed by the treatment fitting.

If you have had previous audiological tests conducted, having the tests in front of you during the online assessment or sending in the results prior to your online consultation can help us with our assessment of your condition.

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It could be just advice you require on how to manage it and we would be more than happy to help. Or you may have questions regarding the treatments provided at the clinic, this could all be done over a phone call consultation, Zoom call or a Teams meeting.

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A personal approach

Having had over 13 years of experience treating various cases of tinnitus as well as managing numerous cases of hearing losses, our goal is to empower you with a better understanding of your condition, advising you best on how to manage your symptoms and to provide you with a personalised treatment plan that best suits your individual needs. Working at an Independent practice like The Tinnitus Clinic means we only select treatments and devices that show the strongest scientific evidence and highest chance of a successful outcome.


Treatments at the The Tinnitus Clinic involve reducing the symptoms to a level where you are able to habituate to the tinnitus.

Treatments involve:

  • Talking Therapy/Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Customised sound therapy/Tinnitus Desensitisation Therapy
  • Lenire – Neuromdulation treatment
  • Conservative Tinnitus Management
  • Hearing aid amplification
  • Hyperacusis Desensitisation Therapy
  • Questions about all treatments can be discussed in detail remotely.

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Phone 0800 030 6617 or use the Booking Form for booking. Payment of £95 is required prior to the appointment. Appointments will be initiated by Shamim and may be made over any video link (Skype, Zoom) or by telephone. Please state your preference when you book.

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