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Celebrities reveal tinnitus experience

  December 13th, 2019

Tinnitus doesn’t care who you are, what you do or where you are from - it can affect people from all walks of life.

We’ve noticed a string of well-known personalities publicly discussing their experience of tinnitus recently, and hope it encourages others to seek support, especially during the festive period.

Susanna Reid, who co-presents Good Morning Britain, revealed she was having a bad tinnitus day on Twitter recently: “My tinnitus is so loud right now. The noise you used to hear when TV programming finished at the end of the day? That. In my head.”

It was heartwarming to see that she received an influx of support from fans and individuals who also suffer from the condition.

Ben Cohen has been vocal about his experience of tinnitus in the past, and credits the support he has received, which helped him manage his condition.

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He is now returning that support and recently endorsed Huawei’s StorySign app latest edition, The Lonely Penguin, which gives deaf children the chance to experience books being signed to them through a smart phone.

Samantha Baines is a British actress who has starred in BBC’s Call the Midwife and Netflix’s The Crown. Behind the scenes, she was told she has tinnitus and it was recommended that she wears a hearing aid.

Samantha’s experiences inspired her to write a children’s book, Harriet Versus the Galaxy, about a little girl with a hearing aid who saves the world.

We can alter their programme through the device to ensure they are getting the most out of their treatment and can experience the same level of functionality from home or when out and about.

Other leading celebrity figures who have previously revealed their tinnitus diagnosis include musicians Chris Martin and They have both publicly spoken about what it is like to live with the condition.

Following these recent discussions, I would encourage everyone to give a thought to the six million people across the UK who are living with tinnitus, as we become immersed with all things festive.

The pressures we face during the Christmas and New Year period to see all our family and friends, attend parties and find the perfect presents often adds to the stress and anxiety already faced by people with tinnitus.

Imagine feeling like you are unable to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year because of a sound that will not go away. This can make social situations unbearable due to missing snippets of conversation, loud Christmas music or busy rooms of adults and children.

I would remind people who have been diagnosed with tinnitus that it is not something that you ‘have to get on with it’ - support and treatment is available. For those who would like to find out more about the condition, check out our What Does Tinnitus Sound Like guide.

Take courage from the celebrities who have spoken out - let your family and friends know if you have tinnitus and seek treatment as soon as possible. Call The Tinnitus Clinic on 0800 030 6617 or e-mail

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